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 Daily Payments - Clarification

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Daily Payments - Clarification Empty
PostSubject: Daily Payments - Clarification   Daily Payments - Clarification Icon_minitimeMon Aug 10, 2009 7:41 pm

To clear up any confusion, we wanted to take a minute to explain daily payments a bit further. Daily payments started August 2, 2009 and ONLY earnings earned AFTER that time qualify for daily payments. Earnings prior to this date are still on the old cashout policies.

For example, if you have $9 in your account prior to August 2nd, you will be paid on a Net35 basis after you reach the $15 minimum. Therefore, you will have to earn an additional $6 before being able to cashout. However, you CAN cashout earnings after August 2nd if you do not want to wait.

Many members have tried cashing out their $5 signup bonuses we had previously. Many of these members were never active on CMG and are just cashing out their $5. This is not acceptable, as we do have an activity requirement and would make no business sense to just giveaway $5 to everyone for nothing. If you were never active on the site, why would we just giveaway $5 just for logging in? The $5 signup bonus was to encourage new members to enjoy and participate on CMG.

Members who attempt to abuse the daily payments will have their accounts banned without notice and all earnings forfeited. The daily payments feature was added as an added incentive and convenience to our members that are in good standing.

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Daily Payments - Clarification
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