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 Referral Contest - Clarification

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Referral Contest - Clarification Empty
PostSubject: Referral Contest - Clarification   Referral Contest - Clarification Icon_minitimeThu Nov 12, 2009 7:29 pm

Some members have been worried that stats are not calculating properly in the Referral Contest(s). We have had our programmers look into the issue and have manually added up referrals for every member that had referrals during the contest period.

In the end, everything is correct and the stats are updating correctly. There is no errors reporting and never had been. The stats have always been correct. Note: the stats are updated automatically and no human interaction is made with this, eliminating error.

IMPORTANT! Referrals that are banned from CMG or have reversals on offers, this CAN effect the stats in contests and your earnings. For example, a referral completes an offer and 3 days later, it gets reversed. This referral will be deducted from the contest stats. The system does not reward existing members for referrals that have offers reversed or accounts banned. In addition, although you may see the stats go down because of this, you MAY still see them in your downline. This is because there account may be under review and not officially banned.

We hope this helps clears up some questions. As always, feel free to contact us if you ever have questions!

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Referral Contest - Clarification
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