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 Want some Tips on Offers! Check this out!

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Want some Tips on Offers! Check this out! Empty
PostSubject: Want some Tips on Offers! Check this out!   Want some Tips on Offers! Check this out! Icon_minitimeSat May 08, 2010 7:44 am

Hope everyone's weekend is off to a great start! So much is going on here at Crazy Monkey Gold, we are going crazy keeping up! Smile We wanted to take a bit of time and pass some pointers out to everyone to get your earnings skyrocketing!

The GameVance and PlaySushi offers are crediting extra well! Be sure to do all these before they expire! These can rack up your earnings quick, not to mention a lot of completed offers for the contest to get an Apple iPad this month!!

We also have A LOT of the Eversave offers! These also always credit well, but you must be doing them correctly for them to credit. Here is the hint: you MUST signup for at least 2 of the advertisements/offers as you go through the survey! If you don't, they usually will not credit. There is many throughout the survey that are simple submits already prefilled in with your info., so you just hit submit. Also, some Eversave offers only credit every 2 hours, so don't get discouraged if you see some taking longer than usual.

Another tip on offers is to take your time! Allow at least 1-2 minutes between offers. Lots of times if you complete a bunch of offers in less than 2 minutes, they will not credit. Take your time, go through the survey, signup for what interests you and have fun, have fun, have fun! Remember, this is supposed to be fun, rewarding and relaxing, not stressful. Watching your name go higher and higher on the contest board is exciting!

Referrals on Crazy Monkey Gold pay off! Did you know for EVERY new referral you get on our site we pay you a $1 cash bonus? We are one of the very few that offer such a high cash bonus for referrals! Do the math, you get 10 new referrals a day, that is $10 extra cash a day, $310 a month! A new active referral is one who is a new member, confirms their email address AND completes at least one offer that is not a Daily Click/CPC ad. Encourage your new and current referrals to do offers, this only makes you more money! AND we offer four, yes 4 Referral Levels!! Don't forget, we also have a HUGE Referral Contest this month, YOU could be $100 richer, so refer, refer, refer!

We pay DAILY, yes daily, every single day! No waiting a week or even a month for your earnings, get paid everyday! And yes we DO pay, just check out all the payment proofs on our forum! If you have for some reason not been paid when you should have, please contact us. It is usually an oversight or missed you on our Mass Pay, sorry! We do make mistakes, but will always make it right! Smile

Whewww, lets stop there, do some offers, get our names on the contest boards and have FUN! Enjoy the weekend and we hope to see you around on Crazy Monkey Gold! Say "Hi" in the Member Chat!

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Want some Tips on Offers! Check this out!
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