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 Important changes starting June 20th! GREAT NEWS!

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Important changes starting June 20th! GREAT NEWS! Empty
PostSubject: Important changes starting June 20th! GREAT NEWS!   Important changes starting June 20th! GREAT NEWS! Icon_minitimeSun Jun 13, 2010 9:42 pm

Crazy Monkey Gold is undergoing a transition. We want to introduce ourselves as the new ownership and support group. We know the site has undergone ownership changes several times in the past year and quite frankly feel our taking over will be the best thing to happen to this site and we know you'll see why right away! This change just happened, literally hours ago. We know the past problems the site has had and hope to turn it around in a full circle. We knew when purchasing it that it would be a challenge, but we all love a challenge every now and then!

Now for the changes we are going to be making, including a brand new design. These are good changes, changes that needed to be done or simply should be done to keep you the member coming back to our site. We believe you will agree with what the changes are and how they will benefit the site as a whole. Effective June 20th, the following changes will go into effect:

-- Weekly Jackpots! Instead of the usual monthly jackpots you've seen, we will be having weekly jackpots so you can get those earnings quicker! The jackpots will end each Saturday night. We will keep it the way it is with every offer being worth a jackpot entry; however each entry is now worth $0.01 each since we are doing weekly jackpots. This still adds up very fast and is EVERY WEEK where one very lucky member will get a nice chunk of cash at the end of the week!

-- Faster Payments! Payments are daily and will continue to be daily, however all payment requests received by 6pm will be paid that same evening by the end of the night! Payments used to be processed by 11:59pm the following day of the request, now you get paid faster than ever, now within a few hours normally. This includes prize requests!

-- $1 Minimum Cashout! That’s right, only $1 is the new minimum cashout, not $5! Now you can cashout more often and without worrying about meeting a high minimum.

-- Higher Paying Offers! We took a look and found the offers pay low, around 30% of the advertiser amount. Not anymore! You will now be getting a full 50% or MORE of the advertiser amount! You will see offers paying higher than ever and higher
than most other GPT sites. In fact if you find an offer that pays more on another site that we also have, tell us and we will try to match or even beat it.

-- Gold Coins are now Points. To make it easier for everyone, we are going to eliminate the use of "Gold Coins" and simply call them points. The way it is setup now is each gold coin has an equivalent cash value of $0.05, but from now on all points are equal to $0.01. This makes it much easier for everyone to keep track of their points and the value of such for each offer. Don't see what you want in the "Treasure Cove", just tell us and we'll custom order you a prize!

-- Offer & Referral Contests. You won't see any crazy contests. It’s just not feasible. You will, however see contests where you know if you win; you will get paid and can look forward to that special prize or cash bonus. We plan on continuing
monthly referral and offer contests, but at a more reasonable level, such as $100 in prizes a month. Now we may run special contests for a day or two, but again you won't see huge prizes being given away.

-- Account Upgrades. We noticed the site has a "loyalty program" for active members to get free account upgrades. In all honesty, we don't feel this is as great as it sounds, especially since you only have to do 25 offers to get an upgrade. So why is this not that great? Simple, it’s not fair to other members who have paid to get an upgrade from the past or present. When you have hundreds of members with "free account upgrades", this means not as many free referrals, thus defeating the whole purpose of an upgrade! Therefore, we will be eliminating this program and upgrades will only be available as a purchased option (either using Paypal or your internal funds). This will only benefit you as a member as it makes no sense to have almost everyone on the site with an upgrade, then you don't get the free referrals (the whole purpose of an upgrade).

-- Current Balances. We are going to try and honor any current balances you may have. However, to be upfront (and that's how we want to be known to be running the site), if you have a huge balance for some reason or a lot of points (gold coins) it may take some time to process these requests (up to 20 days). We do encourage you to take advantage of being able to purchase an account upgrade using your current balance, this will in the end be more beneficial to you as you get the
free referrals and other perks for being an upgraded member. This does not mean you will not be paid! It just means it won't be on the daily schedule since it’s a prior balance.

-- New Offers. In the coming days and weeks you will notice many new offers added and old ones expired. We will be cleaning out all the offers, so be sure to check back often as we go through and do a massive update to all the offers for your benefit!

-- Treasure Hunter Game. Coming soon will be an exclusive game called Treasure Hunter. You will have the chance to win cash and prizes! The game will consist of using “game tokens” that you earn by completing offers and picking a treasure chest to reveal a prize. Everyone will be a winner!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by submitting a trouble ticket or by email at crazymonkeygold@gmail.com. We want to hear from you and are not just saying that, whether a complaint, suggestion, gripe, anything, please let us know. We are going to make this site your site of choice and will be sure to stand by everything we do. If you are active, complete offers honestly and contribute to the community, we will reward you, simply put. Give us the chance and you'll see how you're making more than ever!

Thank you,

CrazyMonkeyGold Admin

CrazyMonkeyGold Admin
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Important changes starting June 20th! GREAT NEWS!
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